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Being healthy in our 21st Century culture
 isn’t always easy.

    We have more access to information than ever before.  Yet it can be confusing– what was OK to eat last year, is forbidden this year.  Grocery stores carry organic produce and there is more synthetic food than ever! We eat organic hamburgers with a Diet Coke. The diet industry is $46 billion in annual sales ….and the obesity epidemic is unprecedented in human history!

   My goal in bringing you this site is to be a solid  resource for you.  I do not promote fads.  I will not publish anything that I cannot verify from a primary source.  Remember to subscribe to my free E-zine HealthBlast which is published monthly. 

We will include topics on choosing the right vitamins, nutrition, food additives, weight loss, women’s and children’s nutrition and health challenges.  Please feel free to post your questions and suggestions. Your feedback is important! 

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No More Allergy Shots for Me.

Karen Miner Hurd

 I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor.  I have been affiliated with the Shaklee Corporation since 1996.  This website is independently owned by me, and is not endorsed by the Shaklee Corporation.  Nothing on this website is intended to diagnose disease nor replace medical advice.


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